Jardin Mysterieux Collection

Jardin Mystérieux

Jardin Mystérieux invites you to indulge your fantasies in a garden of magical beauty. The high jewellery collection conjures up a world filled with the grandeur of bygone eras, blooming flowers, magnificent creatures, and intricate ironwork.

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Jeux de Rubans Collection

Jeux de Rubans

Jeux de Rubans is a new collection of high jewelry portraying the timeless motif of ribbons with a touch of luxurious whimsy. The fluid beauty of chance and certainty will make your heart sing.

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Kofuku no Ki Collection

Kofuku no Ki

A customer told us that this brooch has always brought her good luck. Literally meaning the "Tree of Luck," Kofuku no Ki is a very special reintepratation of the beloved classic.

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Les Pétales Place Vend?me

This collection has been inspired by the rose petals that float in the air and then descend onto the Place Vend?me in Paris. Every piece, featuring signature petals covered in brilliant diamonds, is a reflection of this beautiful place, around which congregates the world's top luxury brands.

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The Mikimoto μ Collection

The Mikimoto
μ Collection

This collection representing the ultimate quality in jewellery from Mikimoto, the reigning brand when it comes to beautiful pieces. It marries strictly selected, quality materials sourced from around the world with beautiful designs that superbly showcase the precious pearls and stones.

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Praise to Nature Collection

Praise to Nature

A new level of jewellery art praising the beauty of nature

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Essence of Mikimoto Collection

Essence of Mikimoto

Discover Essence of Mikimoto, a name synonymous with the spirit of never-ending innovation. It is a striking example of new possibilities of jewelry that breathe a wealth of imagination and creativity.

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Classic High Jewelry Collection

High Jewelry

Our most esteemed collection of cultured pearl masterpieces

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